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Purchase miles and receive  
up to 140% additional bonus!

As an exclusive offer for being a member of The Milelion,
receive up to 40% additional bonus when buying from 1,000 miles.

You can buy them in 1,000 miles blocks, for USD33+ Taxes and you´ll receive bonus as follows:

When you buy between
Accrue up to
LM 1.000 - 50.000
2X1 + 15%*
LM 107.500 When buying LM 50.000
LM 51.000 - 100.000
2X1 + 30%*
LM 230.000 When buying LM 100.000
LM 101.000 - 200.000
2X1 + 40%*
LM 480.000 When buying LM 200.000

*The bonus percentage is calculated based on the miles purchased
without taking into account de 2x1 bonus.

This exclusive offer is valid for subscription from February 13th to 17th and to buy from February 14th to 18th 2018

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